Killer Vitalie Proca was sentenced to 21 years of jail

Court of Appeal Bucharest has sentenced Vitalie Proca to 21 years and 8 months of jail, him being accused of attempt of murder in 2012 in Vitan neighborhood in Bucharest, when he mistook a young man for the Piatra Neamt mob leader, Ioan Mironescu.

The sentence is practically double in comparison to the sentence of 12 years given in January by Bucharest trial court.

The instance has maintained the decision in which Proca has to pay to the young man he tried to kill 200,000 euro as moral prejudice and 20,000 euro as material prejudice.

Also, Proca will be banished from Romania, after serving his sentence.

According to prosecutors, Vitalie Proca was employed by Bogdan and Razvan Mararu to kill the mob leader from Piatra Neamt, Ioan Dumitru Mironescu 

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