Killed with a hammer. Three suspects are detained in Rascani double murder case

 Three men, suspected of the cold-blooded murder of the two persons from Balti, were detained by police. They are of 25-28 years old, are from Nihoreni village, Rascani district, and from Comrat. They are suspected of brutally murdering two men and leaving them in a forest in Rascani district.

The victims were murdered with a hammer, and the killers took the car and jewelry of 100,000 lei. The men were announced as missing on Sunday. The murder was committed after the victims and attackers have celebrated with other friends an anniversary near a lake.

The stolen car was found in Comrat district, and the golden jewelry in a 17- year old girl’s house. The investigators have yet to establish the level of involvement of the girl.

According to police, one of the suspects has pleaded guilty. The three persons are investigated for voluntary homicide and robbery and might receive a sentence of life inprisonment.



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