Kiev court overturned Platon's extradition to Moldova

A Kiev court overturned the decision to extradite Veaceslav Platon to Moldova and its motivation will be announced on Nov 25, said Platon's lawyer Ion Creţu. 

According to the lawyer, Platon should be allowed to return to Ukraine and all the court decisions issued against him should be annulled, quoted

Evghenii Gruşoveţ, another lawyer of Platon, mentioned it was Ukraine who ruled on his extradition which has been declared illegal now. Moreover, Platon was not allowed to appeal the extradition decision within 10 days as provided by law. The justice was done finally only after three and a half years, Gruşoveţ said. 

On, lawyer Ștefan Gligor, an international law expert, said the annulment of Ukrainian court on Platon's extradition does not change the Moldovan court's judgement. As Platon was convicted as a Moldovan citizen and he would continue to serve his sentence regardless of the legality of his extradition. 

Veaceslav Platon was arrested in July 2016 on charges of swindle and money laundering in very large amounts that caused damage of over 800 million lei to Banca de Economii (Savings Bank). He got 30 years behind bars based on two criminal cases. Veaceslav Platon pleads not guilty.

The portal writes that the Kiev court's decision just reinforced the fact that Platon's money eventually bears fruit. Journalists recall that previously former deputy head of the CNA's Money Laundering and Prevention Service, Mihail Gofman, stated that Platon had exchanged $ 10 million with the former government for his release. The first step in this respect was the illegality of his extradition declared by the Kiev court. 


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