Kids' park from Balti transformed in affair

The kids' park from Balti is now the propriety of some cafes and restaurants patrons. Among the few slides and swings many locals were built there. The City Hall has only a few thousand lei monthly for the lease of the territory.

In the past years, the kids' park from Balti is suffocating because of the new buildings from the area. The most recent building even blocked the main entrance. On a hundred square meters surface, the economic agent who leased the territory built a cafe for kids. At least this is indicated in the construction authorization.

One of the most requested cafes belongs to the wife of Vladimir Gula, the adviser of ''Partidul Nostru'' party leaded by Renato Usatii and the president of the consultative commission of the municipal household. The territory on a surface of three aries was bought in 2002 on a 4 600 lei sum.

''The proprietor of this territory is Inga Gula. However, the legend says the territories that belong to parks can't be sold'', said Nicolai Usatii, the Vice President of the Proprietars Association from Balti

Vladimir Gula says his wife became the owner of this land respecting the law.

''In the process of buying the land, there were respected all the rules according to the land selling. I presented the acts to those from the Anti-Corruption a couple of times. They saw that everything is in accordance to the law'', said Vladimir Gula, adviser.

The citizens of the city are indignant about the small counters from the city. Also, the places where previously there were counters with ice-cream and sweets for the children, now there are locals where people drink alcohol and smoke.

''In the city must be a place for the children, where children can come and eat an ice-cream, drink a water or a tea. Instead, there are a lot of places for weddings.''

''We want this park to be arranged for children. The bars and restaurants shouldn't be placed in kids' parks.''

''They should have done something for children. But, because of the corruption, we have what we have.''

While Renato Usatii declared a couple of times he won't permit to sell this lands for the construction of bars and restaurants, he did it anyway. 

The responsible from the City Hall say that some owners bought the land until 2007, because the law permitted them. Those who built the locals lease the land.

In the kids' park from Balti there are four locals. In two of the, the owners of the locals are the owners of the lands too.

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