Keep Cool! Pupils of private Capital school discussed about solutions that should be taken to prevent global warming

The pupils of a Capital private school played "Keep Cool!" famous game that targets to raise awareness of the global warming.

The pupils found some solution to prevent pollution, among which: to build bio factories, remove the plastic from usage and use the natural resources rationally.

"The natural catastrophes have a great impact on the countries. Actually, we can change these things and make something beautiful."

"I have learned to create my own tools, to make friends of my opponents and negotiate with them."

"This game teaches us that each step that we make has its own consequences. The wrong decisions that we make can have grave consequences."

The game takes two hours. During it, the participants try to take the best decisions to solve their troubles.

"Within this game, I understand many things, among which: the way the greatest economies of the world work", said Ion Ungureanu, the representative of Eco Visio Association.

"This situation happens every day when we throw the garbage without thinking on some consequences", said Inga Chiosa, the deputy director of the school.

The game is both for adults and children. It was created in 2004 by two Germans.

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