Kathy Bates receives a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Kathy Bates is no stranger to fame, but on Tuesday, her legacy as one of Hollywood's finest actresses was set in stone - literally! 

The Oscar winner received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with her friends and family in attendance, including Shirley MacLaine and Billy Bob Thornton, reports People

Before finding movie fame, Bates was an acclaimed theater actress. It was her portrayal of the Stephen King character Annie Wilkes in the film Misery that earned her rave reviews and an Oscar in 1991. 

Recently she joined Ryan Murphy's anthology series American Horror Story: Coven as socialite Marie Delphine LaLaurie, who tortured her slaves. 

In an interview with Variety about the trajectory of her career, Bates said she feels very lucky. 

"I'm so happy to be busy," she said. "It's been an amazing year, and I'm grateful for it."

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