Kairos scheme has fooled Moldovans thousand of dollars

The allure of earning money easily fooled thousands Moldovan countrymen. 

There was no tax in advance, monthly partners promised to earn $125 - $600 while renting 70 - 320 gigabytes computer hard drive. According to estimates, during two years of activity in Molodova, this system lured from 3 to 10 thousand Moldovan so-called partners. 

In addition to the terms, to become partners of Kairos company, Moldovans were to pay $125 - $ 2777 in order to ensure they stayed active for one year.

The fees varied according to the number of gigabit rentals. Radu Lupan (Rezina) was connected to the alleged Kairos global server by a family friend. The young man rent 320 gigabits, accordingly, he paid the company's representative $2777 in hand.

"After a month, I earned $580. I wanted to get all of them, he gave me only $370 instead", said Radu. 

After that, Radu could not take out any money from the representative of the alleged IT company, who did not even answer his phone.

In fact, the price of a gigabit sold by Kairos was 200 times more expensive than the rent price offered by that company.

Any one who are victims of this financial pyramid "KAIROS" are asked to appear at the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime.

Address: mun. Chisinau, bd. Stefan cel Mare 73. Tel: 0.22.275195

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