Justice Palace in Orhei to be constructed next year, cheering up justice reforms

The construction of the Justice Palace in Orhei will start next year. Minister Vladimir Cebotari paid a visit to the city to identify the land of construction.

According to the project, 120 judges and technical staff will be active in the institution. The courts of Rezina, Teleneşti and Şoldăneşti will be merged here.

Currently, magistrates work in small offices, side by side with assistants.

Minister Vladimir Cebotari verified the land and discussed with Orhei district Mayor the justice reforms. 

"If we create better conditions, more works will be done. The office will offer judges beautiful space and convenience", said Vasile Cojocari, mayor of Zahoreni village, Orhei.

Justice reform means reducing the number of courts in the country from 44 to 15. According to the authorities, the reform will improve the quality of services, the judges' specialization and the faster settlement of cases.

By the end of the year, the Palace of Justice in Ungheni will be operational.

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