Justice Minister, Vladimir Cebotari: Independence Day inspires us

Vladimir Cebotari, Justice Minister, came forth today with a congratulation message for Independence Day.

"Each year we enjoy to celebrate Independence Day, for it inspires us toward a better future. Today I wish to thank those who helped build this country that managed to withstand many trials.

We must never forget that independence, first of all, means responsibility, hard work, discipline and morality. Each one of us must cultivate those qualities in both ourself and our children. To believe in our strength and build a future for our next generations.

Through our actions and policies, we promote a law that works for the citizens, societies democracy and protection of Human's rights. We will continue to move on this path, because independence and justice are the main values of our country.

With this occasion, I wish you all peace, prosperity and assurance in both your present and future! Happy Birthday Moldova!"


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