Justice Minister Stamate to annul result of competition for position of general prosecutor

The Justice Minister Olesea Stamate canceled results of the contest for the position of the general prosecutor, Stamate has announced in a press conference. The Minister accused a member of the commission of rigging the election. 

"Following some additional analysis, I can say that this competition failed to meet the condition of the law because it must be on the law and the integrity criteria. I believe the results did not ensure the objectivity and integrity. 

The Commission did not have access to information. Some authorities refused to give us information so we relied only on the available information. 

Analyzing the scores, I realized that one member obviously favored a candidate which influenced the result of the contest. 

It's specified that there are six members but only four of them gave consent to their names mentioned in the publication of result. 

Here you see that the four candidates in the shortlist were evaluated disproportionately. If you compare, you will see an eventual trick in the evaluation and a candidate was favored relatively. 

If we exclude the commission member who granted that privilege, we will get the following result: Gribincea in first place, Soltan will no more in the list. The results were significantly rigged. 

Taking into account the issues presented, as a minister I cannot promote the list presented to the CSP. The prosecutor is a key figure, which ensures the proper functioning of the justice system, I will issue an order to cancel the results of the contest, "said Stamate.



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