Justice Minister Olesea Stamate affirms objectivity of general prosecutor election

The election of the general prosecutor was purely objective, the Justice Minister Olesea Stamate announced on her Facebook post. 

"We have pre-selected four candidates following a week of work on the submitted files. The Commission evaluated objectively all candidates and decided, by consensus, on the pre-selected candidates.

I hope you will be convinced the objectivity of the assessment after watching the video of the interviews, which will be available tomorrow.

I would also like to thank the members of the commission for their work. It was a great pleasure to work within a professional and objective committee.

Crîșmaru Oleg

Gribincea Vladislav

Soltan Veaceslav

Stoianoglo Alexandr"

The election for the position of general prosecutor fell short of Prime Minister Maia Sandu's expectation. On a Facebook post, PM mentioned she hoped more candidates from the civil society would be named on the short list.  

Publika recalls that the Ministry of Justice selected four candidates for the position of general prosecutor: the lawyer Vladislav Gribincea, the former prosecutor of Găgăuzia Alexandr Stoianoglo, Oleg Crîșmaru and Veaceslav Soltan.

Octavian Bodareu, the prosecutor in Bălți municipality, also expressed his discontent with the organization for the election of the general prosecutor. 

Talking with Publika, Bodareu said he had submitted an application according to the Participation Regulations. However, the Ministry of Justice considered it was not completed due to lack of affidavit. He was not admitted to the competition as a result. 

According to Bodareu, he intended to submit an affidavit with the original documents on the day of interview. He was of the opinion that the Justice Ministry wanted to restrict the participation of prosecutors in the competition. 

The Minister of Justice, Olesea Stamate, has not yet commented on the accusations of Octavian Bodareu.

The competition also outraged another prosecutor, Artur Lupașco. On a social network post, he announced he was not admitted because the application lacked affidavit. 

He tried to sign the document for two days, Saturday and Sunday, but the Ministry was closed although the institution announced working days including weekend. 

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