Justice Minister Alexandru Tănase announced his resignation

Justice Minister, Alexandru Tănase announced that he will resign. The official wrote on a social network that he did not become a minister to be an electoral target.

"I accepter to become the Minister of Justice to promote reforms in the justice system, knowing their complexity and difficulty. I did not wish to play politics, nor become an electoral target. As per European values, any official must first of all accentuate on public trust. When this trust is broken, even without relevance, no matter the reasonings, it will not bring anticipated results. My personal interests cannot be above that of the public. Here, I decided that the best solution in this case is to submit my resignation letter in the following days. 

It was a true honor for me, to serve the people of my country for over a decade, as a member of the Government and Justice system. I wish to express my gratitude toward Prime Minister Pavel Filip, for the trust he put into me and my colleagues from the Government, with whom we have done a beautiful work for the citizens of Republic of Moldova" Justice Minister, Alexandru Tănase wrote on social network.

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