Jurnal TV abusively and falsely uses identity of Democratic Party of Moldova. Democrats notified BCC

The Democratic Party of Moldova has notified the BCC about the violation of media law by Jurnal TV. According to the DPM deputy, Sergiu Sirbu, the journalists of this trust manipulate the citizens, more precisely, they give themselves as DPM representatives in the discussions with some interlocutors, trying to manipulate people and spread different traps.

The referral states that "false and untrustworthy information, manipulated and broken from context, is being broadcast on the post. Regularly, the sense of reality is distorted by assembling tortures and information obtained by journalists through the use of false identities".

DPM urges citizens not to respond to these challenges and to notify competent bodies when they are victims of such manipulation.

"Today DPM reported to the BCC about the use of false identities by some Jurnal TV journalists who are contacted by various citizens or civil servants and are falsely depicted as representatives of the Democratic Party".

We draw public attention to such dirty challenges, we encourage citizens to refuse dialogue with these individuals who, through identity theft, are trying to generate false news.

We also encourage citizens to report to us if they are victims of such impostors in order to be able to take the necessary legal steps.

Of course, we also look forward to a reaction to condemn such illegal practices from media NGOs", DPM deputy Sergiu Sirbu wrote on a social network.

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