Judge sentenced 7 years of jail after demanding 7,200 EUR for favorable decision

Corruption brought a judge at the Drochia Court to imprisonment of 7 years and obligation to pay 160,000 lei and deprivation of right to occupy certain public positions for 10 years.

The prosecution on this case was initiated by the Prosecutor General on February 15, 2016, on the basis of a complaint filed by a Moldovan, living in Italy, claiming the corrupt actions of the magistrate.

According to the investigation, at the beginning of April 2010, the judge granted the petitioner a private consultation on claiming in the court her right of ownership of real estate in dispute with her concubine.  

The judge told her he would help her recover the house and arrange the case. He claimed and received 200 EUR for consultation. 

Then the magistrate required 6,200 EUR to examine the case and adopt a favorable decision to her. She transferred the judge whole money in April 2014. 

On November 17, 2014, the judge issued a court decision recognizing the woman's right of 75.26% of the real estate value but he did not expose the foreclose that triggered the dispute. 

He explained that the money sent earlier was not enough for the positive resolution of the case and claimed another 1,000 EUR.

On the same day, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office proceeded to carry out the special investigative measures, as the judge's record confirming the receipt of the extorted amounts from the woman in order to perform the actions in his office.

That magistrate was detained in the spring of 2016

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