Judge penally investigated for excess of work duties and imposition of sentence against law

A former judge will be penally investigated for two counts. He is accused of giving deliberately a sentence against the law and of exceeding his work attributions, both crimes resulting in serious consequences.

From the materials presented by the Prosecutor's office results that, at the encouragement of a group of Russian citizens, many representatives of the justice bodies from Chisinau (policemen, prosecutors, lawyers and judges) fabricated a penal case in order to investigate a very serious crime, committed on the territory of Russia.

More precisely, it is about the abstraction through deception of over $30 million from a state enterprise from Russia. It should be noted that the starting of this penal case was absolutely illegal, in the conditions in which the crime was committed on the territory of other state and there was no request from the competent authorities of this state for the starting of the case in Moldova.

Nevertheless, in July 2011, while receiving this penal case for examination, the respective magistrate settled through one meeting, giving the sentence in the same day for punishing three persons (including two Russian citizens declared wanted), to whom were given sentences much more lenient than is foreseen in the legislation.

The magistrate examined the case in the absence of injured parties and without exposing the need of collection from defendants of over $30 million of prejudice, sending the sentence on fugitives for executing the sentence to the unrecognized Transnistrian republic bodies.

According to prosecutors, law enforcement officials in Chisinau have acted in complicity with some people from Russia to avoid accountability before the courts of the state where the crime was committed.

PUBLIKA.MD points out that this judge is among 15 current and former magistrates investigated for involvement in laundering billions of dollars from Russia through the banking system in Moldova.

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