Joy of winter holidays brought to girls orphanage from Hancesti by Santa Claus and volunteers

Santa Claus came early to the girls orphanage from Hancesti. A group of volunteers decided to bring the joy of winter holidays to the girls and came to them with sweets, fruits and other gifts. The girls also watched a show with magic numbers.

The girls from the orphanage have had a real holiday. Santa Claus, a magician and a group of volunteers came to visit them.

The children were very excited and confessed that they do not need expensive gifts, but affection.

Through such actions, the girls manage to come out of their routine, especially since in this period they are on vacation and very few of them go home to their parents.

To give girls the joy of winter holidays, hundreds of volunteers mobilized in a few weeks.

"We brought three hundred boxes of candy to each of them, three hundred gifts with fruits for everyone, about 200-250 toys. Also we brought food, products for personal hygiene" said Ina Ciobanu, organizer of the event.

At the orphanage for girls with mental disabilities are treated almost 300 young women from all over the country, and nearly a hundred of them are under the age of majority.


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