Joy for two abandoned brothers. Marian Lupu's surprise for September 1st

Beautiful moments for two brothers abandoned by their mother. They received gifts like school supplies, clothes, shoes and sweets from the President of the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu. In gratitude, the children promised to study well and do good deeds.

Andrei and Denis Ganţa are in their grandparents' care. The pension of the old lady is barely enough for food. For several years, Marian Lupu helped this family to live decently. Also, the eve of September 1st holidays the politician indulged them with gifts.

Marian Lupu gives advice to the brothers and cares permanently for them.

"Your grandma helps you grow on your own. It's not easy. You have to help her. And the best help is for you to study better", said Marian Lupu.

The boys want to do good deeds, so Marian Lupu is proud of them.

"What advices do you usually receive? - To not be mean. To do good things. - Do you follow these tips? - Yes".

"I want to be a firefighter. - Why a firefighter? - Because I want to save people."

Democratic Party of Moldova  leader says he will take care of the children until they become adults: "They have to grow to become men, to follow a path in their life. And we must help them become personalities".

Andrei and Denis were four and two years when their mother abandoned them in an orphanage. Grandma did not accept want for her grandchildren to grow among foreigners and took them home.

"A time has come to bring a pair of socks. But the gentleman cares. He calls at school, and everything they need for school he buys" , said children's grandmother .

According to statistics, currently over three thousand Moldovan children are abandoned by their parents.

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