Journalists and media organizations condemn Nastase's statement on purge of media

An appeal to all the national and international media organizations, diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova and to the Publika audience. 

In the context of the threats to Publika from PPDA leader Andrei Nastase, we kindly ask for the monitoring of the situation, our partners to uphold the right to free expression and to condemn any attempts by the authorities, politicians, MPs and members of the Government to intimidate and harass the press institutions, the abuse which undermines the right of journalists to inform the public.

Publika recalls that Andrei Nastase expressed his deep regret over the continuous activity of media asking uncomfortable questions. The statement was made after Publika TV journalist Oxana Bodnar asked him many pointed questions. 

"To my regret, in June 2019 I didn't do what all the citizens of Moldova could or wanted, to purge the Moldovan press. That's why I'm still poisoned", said Nastase. 

The statement of Andrei Nastase already outraged several journalists and media organizations who consider such statements are direct pressure on the press.

The Independent Press Association and the Center for Independent Journalism pledged to examine the possibility of issuing a statement over Nastase's declaration. 

"If Mr Nastase had said such a statement. It's unjustifiable because nobody can purge any media institution, no matter what he likes. We will discuss with our media colleagues and media organizations for a comment", said API director Petru Macovei. 

"It's regrettable for a politician to make such expression or phrase "purge" while talking about the media independence", stressed Nadine Gogu, director of he Center for Independent Journalism .

Even more journalists consider PPDA leader's statements to be intimidating to reporters. Many of them believe that local and international organizations should take the lead in this case.

"It is very risky to say that we should purge the press. I think when it comes to purification, then it should come with arguments. I think it will be the reaction of international bodies, and our local media associations must come with an opinion, "said journalist, university professor Boris Parfentiev.

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