Journalistic investigation: "Andrei Nastase. The story of a liar" (Video)

The leader of the “Dignity and Truth” party has been once again caught lying. A journalistic investigation lead by site "The story of a liar" showed, that Nastase lied, when he said that he hasn’t travelled to Germany in a long time and didn’t meet the fugitive Victor Topa and a political ally from another party.  The video, taken in Franfurt, proves that such a meeting took place. 

Andrei Nastase, the leader of the DA party claimed that he didn’t maintain any relationships with Victor Popa, although the latter is his godfather.

The authors of this investigation provide evidence that Nastase receives instructions from the fugitive oligarch: “Topa, Filat and Nastase are more than just acquaintances. They are from the same mafia clan. Nastase was introduced to Topa by Vlad Filat himself, when the latter vouched for Nastase, as one of his fellow classmates from the University of Iasi.”

This investigation shows the meeting of Andrei Nastase and Victor Topa, which was held in an expensive restaurant in Frankfurt. The meeting took place a few days after the violent protests of April the 24th. And yet, the DA leader claimed at a press conference that he hasn’t been to Germany in a very long time.

"Afterwards there was a feast in a trendy restaurant, which can’t be afforded by everyone. After the “Last Supper” in the MesseTurm restaurant, which the protesters from the Square of the Grand National Assembly are unlikely to ever visit, Andrei Nastase, the embodiment of dignity and justice, together with Victor Topa, went back to the luxurious building, in which they both own offices.”

The investigation also reveals another of Nastase’s lies – that he did not meet with an ally from a rival political party.

DA’s leader met Marin Cioban in Frankfurt, the former chief of the Free economic zone of Balti, and also an ardent liberal-democrat. Ciobanu was recently fired from this job, to which he was appointed by Vlad Filat. Together with Andrei Nastase they went shopping to one of the most expensive stores in Germany, although there is a store with reasonable prices near Nastase’s house.

Also the investigation reveals that an impressive amount of money has been deposited to the account of Nastase’s mother, via an offshore company.

In addition to the one hundred thousand euros received from Aero Flight Limited, the account of Nastase’s mother received other sums with doubtful provenance.  A total of 5 662 129  lei has been withdrawn from the account of Anna Nastase for expensive clothes and lush feasts.

In conclusion, this investigation’s author notes that the words “dignity” and “truth” have no moral meaning to Andrei Nastase, just a way to bring people to protests, which journalists argue that is a great source of income for his family.

Watch below the full video.

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