Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova begun celebrating Hanukkah

Candles, donuts and traditions in Hanukkah eve. The Jewish holiday begun yesterday and will last for the next eight days. Each evening, candles will be lit in menorahs - an eight-branched candelabrum. Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova have begun celebrating this holiday.

On each night of Hanukkah a new branch is lit, representing the 8 miracle days of the Jewish Temple, after defeating the Greeks.

"They entered the temple and found a sole small, clean jug. It burned for a single day, yet miraculously the oil from within it lasted for eight days. The wise have then established that Hanukkah will be celebrated eight days" Shimshon Daniel Isaacson explained.

Hundreds of people have gathered on a street from Chisinau, to taste traditional Hanukkah food - donuts with chocolate and jam. The atmosphere was upheld by Jewish songs, as well as traditions.

"It is a game every Jewish family loves. You use a spinning top with four faces, each having a letter from the Hebrew Language, representing a word" Shimshon Daniel Isaacson said.

"For the holiday, small candlesticks are lit, they are installed on the windowsills, to be seen from outside. So that the light will reach not only the house, but the streets as well" President of Jewish community from Moldova, Marina Şuster, declared.

This year, Jews will celebrate Hanukkah till 20th December.

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