James Pettit: United States will be a reliable partner during Moldova's integration in the EU

The Republic of Moldova is part of European culture and values and should follow the EU integration process, and the United States will be its partner in this process. The statement was shared by the US Ambassador to Chisinau, who held a public lecture to students at the Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences of the State University. The event was organized to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Moldovan-American collaboration.

"Moldova should counts on us because as a European country it is part of the same transatlantic community of values as the United States. This is a European country - one firmly anchored in the values we share, and do not think anyone would try to tell you otherwise" , said James Pettit.

According to James Pettit, the European Union must remain the main trade partner of Moldova. To strengthen the economy, Chisinau should continue diversifying its exports:

"Moldova's integration into the European economy, eliminating trade barriers and strengthening the brand "Made in Moldova" provides a more dynamic and predictable destination for Moldovan products."

Our country must also face many challenges, says the diplomat. He believes that Moldova should promote reforms and continue the fight against corruption. However, the presence of foreign troops and energy dependence are factors that slow down the development of the state.

"Corruption hinders economic development and suppresses investments. Monopoly approached Russia on energy imports of Moldovan keep the country locked under the burden of debt for gas imports left them little chance to negotiate market prices" , said the US Ambassador to Moldova .
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