James Pettit appreciates and supports reforms implemented by Moldovan government

The US ambassador to Moldova, James Pettit appreciates the reforms implemented by Moldovan government. He claims that in the present executive are professionals who are truly working and want to contribute to the development of our country. The declarations were made during the show Interpol, broadcasted on TV7.

"-How do you appreciate this year for Moldova from the point of view of reforms implementation? - This year we had a necessary stability. There were some achievements, including the fulfillment of the requests imposed by IMF. First of all, we have to carry out the reforms in the judiciary field. In the banking system we see that were started necessary reforms, especially  when we had so many problems, including the theft of the century. I think it is a good beginning, but there are many things left to be done" declared the American ambassador.

When asked about the law on liberalization of the capital, James Pettit said that The United States also passed through this experience:

"Such an amnesty was also used in US to encourage people who did not pay taxes to pay them."

We mention that the Parliament speaker, Andrian Candu, declared that the law on liberalization of the capital will not be voted in the second lecture, until it won't be consulted with the external partners.

During the show, the American official declared that the US embassy is efficiently collaborating with the present Moldovan governance.

"We have good and positive relations with the Government and I personally observed that there are talented and dedicated persons in Government, who really want to do something positive for the country" declared the US ambassador to Moldova, James Pettit.

"-The coordinator of the majority, Vlad Plahotniuc, the executive coordinator of the majority coalition, Vlad Plahotniuc is one of the persons who want to improve the processes in the state, who is talented, opened or he is one of those who are complicating things? - He plays a significant role in the present situation and I hope that he wants to improve the present situation. Until now I have seen many reforms and we are supporting reforms, results" said James Pettit.

"-How can you assess the relations between Moldova and USA? - Very good ones. We are proud of this fact. We have been here for 25 years and we don't plan to go. We are staying here. We managed to to a lot of things, we had projects, investments, programmes. We never gave money to the government, all our projects are independent, without the Government intervention in spite of the fact that we are communicating with the government in order to implement these projects" said the US ambassador James Pettit.

The diplomatic relations between Moldova and USA were established in 1992.

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