Iurie Leancă spoke of his 3-day visit to Romania. Main topics discussed by officials

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Iurie Leancă has met this week with multiple officials from Romania, among them counting President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis.

Upon his arrival back,  Iurie Leancă spoke of the meetings he had with officials from Romania, as well as the strong cooperation our countries have.

The official empathized the most important subject, during a press conference.

"I have recently returned from Bucharest, from a 3-days officials visit. It was my second visit as Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration. Republic of Moldova's integrity is made with Bucharest and through Romania. The official visit was based on two crucial topics, bilateral relations and European agenda of Republic of Moldova, as well as Romania's role in realizing this aim. I spoke with representatives of the executive, representatives of the Parliament, starting with Mr. Dragnea, Mr. Titus Corlățean, Mr.  Rodeanu, president of the Joint Commission of Republic of Moldova and Romania, with Mr. Orban, president of Chamber of Deputies, as well as with Mr. Klaus Iohannis. Both Governments have the duty to intensify relation. I have consulted our steps, as I have done in 2013 and 2014. I spoke with Minister of Foreign Affairs to relaunch the intergovernmental commission on issues linked to European integration, I speak here namely of Romania sharing its experience in this area. We discussed about Moldova's aims in the European agenda, accentuating a few projects, the main one being gas interconnection between us and Romania. Therefore, the gas pipeline from Ungheni to be extended to Chisinau. An old objective, but a necessary one. We also exchanged opinions regarding energy security and bridges. A big issues we have to this day is that we cannot restore even a bridge. Our priorities are clear, in Ungheni, in Moldova's South. With Madam Dăncilă we will further speak on this topic. We also discussed about employment, about attracting investments, of the project to cancel roaming tariff. Today, we have over 46 project being unfolded with the support of Romania's Government. The problem is that few know of this. We must start acting, so that citizens from Republic of Moldova will know of those aims: who are our friends, who supports us. We spoke of the money already spent from the 100 million grant, used to renovate over 800 kindergartens, to build the gas pipeline. We spend around 60 million" Iurie Leancă said.

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