Iurie Leanca: Republic of Moldova has no other way than to integrate into European Union

The Republic of Moldova has no other way than to integrate into the European Union. And the vote at the next Parliament session will be a maturity test for pro-European parties. The statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Iurie Leanca, yesterday, at the "Theme of the Day" program at Canal2.

"The vote on Thursday or Friday can be considered a very serious test of maturity and responsibility for the future of the Republic of Moldova. The next day nothing will change, but politics is symbolic and when the Constitution is stipulated that this goal is a priority one, is a strong symbolic message", Iurie Leanca stressed.

Leanca talked about the progress of the Republic of Moldova in the field of European Integration, but also some arrears.

"Our relationship with the EU is not the happiest, unfortunately, and there are objective reasons for this too. We have not been able to communicate very well all the time: what we do, how we do this crisis, unfortunately, struggle between parties they wanted pro-Europeans, it's very hard to get back to restoring your confidence", Iurie Leanca pointed out.

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