Iurie Leancă: People have not supported Chirtoacă, but were simply against Socialists

PPEM representatives believes that the referendum's results does not prove that they support Dorin Chirtoacă, but that simply do not wish the capital to be lead by Socialists, or other Pro-Russian parties.

"This referendum is the first serious blow to Igor Dodon and his socialists, symbolizing the beginning of their fall. Now, "the man of the people" Dodon would proved to be responsible, if he chooses to return the wasted money back to the state budget (especially since we have already all saw that he can find alternative sources of sponsorship when he needs it). At the same time, let it be clear to all those who still have doubts. It was not a vote for Chirtoacă, but one against PSRM" President of PPEM Iurie Leancă declared.

PPEM launched a request to all formations from CMC to overcome this referendum and concentrate their efforts to improve the living conditions for citizens from Chisinau.

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