Iurie Leanca at "Tema Zilei" show: Andrei Nastase and Igor Dodon will make an alliance after Parliamentary elections

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Iurie Leanca is convinced that PPDA leader Andrei Năstase and socialist Igor Dodon will make alliance after the parliamentary elections. The opinion was expressed last night at "Tema Zilei" show from Canal 2.

"Who are these brothers Nastase?" Vasile Năstase who until 2009, for another television, Euro TV, did everything possible to destroy the right, supporting together with Iurie Roşca the Communists, and I am convinced that now, through another televisions do exactly the same thing - they try to destroy the right They are not interested in the European future of the Republic of Moldova They walked with Dodon and Usatâi through Chisinau and said they would put the handkerchief on the stool I am convinced that after the elections, will make a junction with Dodon, because the most important is to destroy", said Iurie Leanca.

Earlier, Andrei Năstase, Igor Dodon, and Renato Usatîi also teamed up in 2016 when they organized protests against the current government. Iurie Leanca added that the relationship of the Republic of Moldova with the European Union is suffering, also because of politicians from us who on the one hand declare themselves pro-Europeans, but on the other hand it works according to the principle: The more bad in the country, the better for them.

"I would very much have liked those who are today in the extra-parliamentary opposition to do the same. To go to Brussels to come up with solutions how the European Union could help us, for example, in the reform of justice," said Deputy Prime Minister -Minister for European Integration.

In July, the presidents of 27 rayon councils sent an open letter to several European institutions accusing Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase of making every effort to compromise the processes of stabilizing the social and economic situation, and socially-oriented projects and infrastructure - stopped. A similar address was signed by over 700 mayors in the country.

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