Iurie Leanca at Cluj-Napoca: Discussions about Romanian investments, meeting with Bessarabian students and possibility of opening a market for Moldovan products

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Iurie Leanca, paid a visit to Cluj, Monday, December 3, 2018, where, together with Professor Vasile Puscas, former negotiator for Romania's accession to the EU, gave a lecture to the students from the Faculty of European Studies of Babes-Bolyai University on the European path of our state and the role of Romania in this process. Iurie Leanca had a meeting with the Bessarabian students of this faculty, with whom he discussed developments in the Republic of Moldova, the bilateral relationship Chisinau-Bucharest and what the Government is doing to motivate them to come home.

"I want to confess that I am impressed by the level of knowledge you have gained and the pragmatic vision in which you see the future of the Republic of Moldova. I firmly believe that these elements, combined with longing and love of home, will contribute to building the future you believe in", said Iurie Leanca during discussions with students from Moldova.

The subject of the creation of the Union for Romanian Language was discussed by Iurie Leanca during a meeting with the Rector of Babes-Bolyai University and the President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop. The academician appreciated the initiative of the Moldovan deputy prime minister, assuring him that there are several notorious personalities in Romania who would agree with this idea.

During a meeting with Mayor Emil Boc, the idea of creating a commercial market for Moldovan products was discussed in Cluj. At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Iurie Leanca thanked the president for the projects made by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall in Ungheni, including the renovation of two pre-school institutions and the construction of a park in the city center.

The evolutions of the investment climate in the Republic of Moldova were appreciated by the President of Banca Transilvania, Horia Ciorcila. In the talks with Iurie Leanca, the Romanian investor noted the efforts of the authorities in Chisinau regarding the stabilization and securing of the banking sector, noting that these developments led him to invest in Moldova.

Moreover, during a discussion with Romanian businessmen, it was agreed to hold a conference in Chisinau to present the investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova.

We mention that Iurie Leanca participated in Cluj at the Scientific Conference dedicated to the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania in a European context organized by the Babes-Bolyai University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions across the Prut. There are about 3000 Moldovan students studying here.

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