Iurie Leanca about Russia's returning in APCE: Nastase is a political adventurer that betrayed the national interests of Moldova and Ukraine

Andrei Nastase betrayed national interests of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Poland. The declaration was made by the former PM Iurie Leanca on his Facebook page, after Nastase voted in Strasbourg for Russia's return in APCE, without retracting their troops from Ukraine and Moldova. Leanca harshly criticized the Internal Ministry, naming him 'political adventurer'.

Leanca also thinks that through this 'irresponsible gesture', Nastase showed up his vassalage towards Kremlin.

The former PM mentioned that the 'surprises just started'.
'What was supposed to prove. Nastase, this political adventurer, gladly embraced Moscow, betraying not only Moldova's national interests, but also other states from the area: Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, who enormously suffered after Russian aggression.

The voting for Russia's returning in APCE, without retracting their troops from Ukraine and Moldova it's a total irresponsible gesture, that shows vassalage towards Kremlin.

If other states, that are more further, unaffected by Russians, could be somehow understood, Nastase and Batrincea's vote clearly shows us how the Kozak alliance works. 'The surprises just started...', wrote the former PM, Iurie Leanca, on his Facebook page.
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