Iurie Leancă about nomination as Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration

President of European People's Party of Moldova, Iurie Leancă, was nominated as vice premier for European Integration by the ruling coalition. Taking over a national strategic portfolio means a great responsibility, noted the vice president of Parliament.

"New government proposed today means a stronger involvement of PPEM representatives in governance act, a very important assumption of responsibility in European integration, a national strategic domain", declared  Iurie Leancă.

Accordingly, objective of PPEM is to boost the European modernization process of institutions and to increase the confidence of Moldovans in the European future of our country. 

We have a clear signal that the Executive will start acting not only in politics but also the strategy, our goal is the European integration", concluded Iurie Leanca in a message on his official Facebook page.

PUBLIKA reminds that President of PDMVlad Plahotniuc, has announced along with Prime Minister of Republic of Moldova that by the middle of December the activity of Ministers will be analyzed, taking into consideration that a Government reshuffle is expected for that period. The main criteria during this evaluation is the way each representative from PDM or a Party delegation in various state institutions have managed to synchronize their everyday work with the grave issues the citizens complained about.

Chancing the members of Filip's Government is the final step in the Governmental reform, which begun in summer



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