Iurie Andriuţa, former President of Criuleni district, accused of power peddling

Iurie Andriuţa, former President of Criuleni district, together with the administrator of the municipal company"Edilitate Criuleni", were accused of power peddling, which ended in the prejudice of the public's interests in large amounts.

The attorneys from anti-corruption closed the case and sent the files to the court.

The attorneys believe that the former President of the Criuleni district, from July 2015 up to April 2017, would request the administrative staff of education institution to perform construction works using "Edilitate Criuleni" company's services, which is funded by the local Council.

The former Presided would play part in the distribution of finances to municipal companies and would take part in the distribution of works, as well as deciding their prices. The workload was distributed by the "Crioleal-Com" company, lead by the President of the Council's son (later on lead and owned by the districts President himself). He also lead the municipal companies "Edilitate Criuleni" and "Rioli".

Repair and construction works of institutions subordinated to the Council were performed using the "Edilitate Criuleni" company, with risen prices. According to the calculations made by the Building Construction Inspection, the state was ripped off in the amount of 252 thousand lei.

The former President admitted his fault. He now risks to be fined in the amount of 1350 to 2350 conventional units, or to spend the next 2 to 6 years in jail. Both outcomes contain the ban on certain positions for the next 5 to 10 years.

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