'It's a nice experience!' Democratic Party territorial organizations send young people to have fun

The “Democracy Trophy” summer camp started in the northern district of Edineţ. The two-day event was joined by young people from four districts. On the first day, they attended sports events and political debates with Youth and Sports minister Victor Zubcu.

Some participants said:

"Such events unite the young people, strengthen the teams. I think the Democratic Party sets an example for other political parties."

"There are many sports contests: soccer, volleyball, rope pulling, weightlifting."

"We’re going to have fun, get to know new people, make new friends, it’s a nice experience. Besides, we’ve got political training, everything is so interesting."

The organizers say they want to promote healthy living and build up team the spirit.

"The communication you’re going to have here leads to building a stronger organization. We count on your spirit of initiative, we must not let the seniors get relaxed. We must press them with ideas, communication and analysis," said PDM Youth Organization leader Alexandru Cauia.

"Generating ideas, constructing projects come when you have a successful exchange of information and achievements. We have here the proper field and formula that the PDM and the Democratic youth try to multiply with its resources," said Youth and Sports minister Victor Zubcu.

"Trofeul Democraţiei" was joined by the young people from the Democratic Party’s territorial organizations from the districts of Edineţ, Şoldăneşti, Criuleni and Cimişlia.

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