Italy avalanche: Up to 30 dead and one survivor (PHOTO/VIDEO)

(Update 13:10) Rescue teams find one man after an avalanche buried a four-star spa hotel in a mountainous earthquake-hit region of central Italy, leaving at least 30 people missing.

(12: 53) According to Reuters, up to 30 people might be buried under the snow, officials said on Thursday.

A hotel in the eastern region of Italy was devastated by an avalanche Wednesday spurring cries "we fear we are all dead," according to local media sources.

A "terrible tragedy" has struck according to a local media reports. The avalanche occurred at the base of the Gran Sasso mountain range wreaking havoc at the Rigopiano di Farindola hotel, Sputnik informs.

All guests and employees are currently being contacted by on-site emergency first-responders who are trying to reach the buried individuals by any means possible. Those who have not responded are presumed to be endangered.

An avalanche warning was launched early Wednesday by Italian authorities after three 5+ magnitude earthquakes shook the area. Pescara Mayor Antonio Di Marco said via Facebook, "unfortunately this terrible tragedy has occurred. It seems the people are dead, but this has yet to be confirmed."

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