Italy allocates million EUR to develop Moldova's cultural heritage database

Italy will allocate one million euros to develop a database of cultural heritage in Moldova and to improve the legislation in the field. Specialists in Rome have great experience in this area, as the country obtains 53 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, ranked the first in the world.

"The project is organized in order to improve the authorities competence and structures involved in the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage to meet the challenges of the modern world," said Italy's ambassador to Moldova, Valeria Biagiotti.

According to the Head of Culture, Monica Babuc, thanks to this project many issues will be solved in this field. 

Under this funding project, employees of the National Agency for Archeology and the Agency for the Inspection and Restoration of Monuments will participate in training and work visits in Italy.

The program will last until September 2019.

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