Italian investors agree with Government to build food refuse processing factories in Moldova

Building a system to collect and manage the animal-origin subproducts is a matter of concern for the Moldovan authorities.

The issue was discussed yesterday by the Moldovan Premier Pavel Filip with representatives of the Italian firm Salgaim Ecologic.

They discussed the opportunity of building a processing factory in Moldova, as well as a factory to process oils used in cooking.

The Prime Minister underlined the company’s intention was in line with Moldova’s commitments assumed within the Association Agreement with the EU.

"We’re interested in developing oil collecting services, it’s a hot problem and an arrear in our commitments. Moldova certainly needs external assistance and the Government will offer its entire support to carry out this important project," Pavel Filip said.

The chief of the National Food Safety Agency, Gheorghe Gaberi, said the project advanced by the Italian partners would have an important social impact, including for the public health and food safety.

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