It will be warmer in the new year. Weather forecast for coming days

We won't have snow on the New Year this year. Anyway, the metheorologists say that the temperature will decrease. In the north of the country it will be the coldest. The thermometers will show up to 6 Celsius degrees below zero.

In the center of the country, the temperature will oscillate between 1 and 4 Celsius degrees. In the South, up to 2 Celsius degrees below zero. 


"The themperatures will continue to decrease. This winter is not that different. In its second half it will be colder", said Tatiana Armas metheorologist.

In the first day of 2019 the weather won't change. On January 2 it will snow.


During the night, the temperature will oscillate between 1 and 6 Celsius degrees, while during the day between 0 and 5 Celsius degrees.

Until the middle of January, it will be not that cold.


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