Good crop of aronia berries raises hope to farmers

A good crop of aronia berries has been confirmed by Moldovan farmers.

Aronia berries are famous of rich vitamins of A, E, C, and P, rarely found in other fruits. These furts help to strengthen the immune system and reduces stress hormone levels.

Aneta Gamenco from Cuizăuca village, Rezina district, grew three ha of berries and now obtain a desired result after 3-year-waiting. It was she who brought the plant from Poland, acknowledging no complicated care required.  

"Moldovan agricultural conditions enable the plant to be well developed. I generally do not use any chemicals."

The woman expected to gather five tons of berries.

There were some students in the field, striving to earn good money before school start.

"It's not that hard, and I like working here. 

Aronia is known for its curative qualities. One berry contains 40 times more vitamin C than blueberry. There are about 15 hectares of aronia plantation in Moldova. On average, one kilogram costs 35 lei.

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