IT and Communications minister Vasile Botnari vows to find solution to lack of postmen

On any weather, the retired people from many villages from Anenii Noi district have to go to the post office to lift their pensions. Several mayors complaint to the IT and Communications minister Vasile Botnari there are no postmen.

On a working visit to the district, Vasile Botnari has stated the Government is aware of the problem and is find a solution.

The official has also talked about the 112 service, one of the goals of which is to avoid the ambulance not going to the place when called.

"The services having gone to the place will then report about everything they did. The geolocation will be there. For the cases when a person in a more severe situation calls and does not know where he or she is," Vasile Botnari explained.

The mayor attending the meetings have said there are problems but one can’t help noticing the improvement of the services for the population.

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