Issues related to Dniester river ecosystem examined at Government's meeting

The problems related to the hydrological system situation in Moldova, particularly the Dniester river ecosystem were discussed at a meeting at Government, chaired by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

The prime minister also stressed his worries on the six new hydroelectricity plants intended to be build by the Ukrainian authorities near Dniester.

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According to environmentalists, the construction of these plants mean a real danger to the environment.

The prime minister said that the government was informed by several NGOs and the scientific community on the negative impact of the hydroelectricity plants, which pose a threat to biodiversity and water resources of the river.

Following the construction of the plants, the capabilities of self-purification of water due to damage to the thermal regime will decrease along with the volume of accumulation and the potential recreation areas related.

The Prime Minister ordered the creation of a working group which will develop a concrete action plan for this purpose, in order to examine the situation, identify all risks and the solutions to overcome these problems.

The inventory of all acts of bilateral and international, on this subject, to which Moldova and Ukraine are parties, will be made, including on the association agreements EU-Moldova and Ukraine-EU commitments under ecological and investment aspect.

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