Israeli PM's triumphant 'chicken dance' after 'Toy' wins Eurovision Song Contest

Fans in Tel Aviv went wild after Israel's Netta Barzilai won the Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Toy" writes Euronews

One of her fans, a fellow musician, was delighted that a plus-sized woman had won.

"She is voluptuous, she is so beautiful and she is an example for all the plus-size ladies all over the world, they can win, we can win ladies," Adi Doron said.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Netta was "wonderful" - but he was unlikely to have been impressed by Microsoft's mistranslation of his Hebrew tweet.

"Neta you're a real cow. You have brought much respect for the State of Israel! Next year in Jerusalem!"

It was later changed to: "Netta, you're such a darling."

Hoever, going into his Sunday cabinet meeting Bibi couldn't resist a stab at the "chicken dance."

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