Israel supports Moldova to develop oncology treatment, geriatrics and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities

Israel will support Moldova in the oncology treatment, geriatrics and rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities. The subject was discussed by the prime minister Pavel Filip who had a meeting with Yaakov Litzman, the Health Minister of Israel.

Within the meeting, Pavel Filip reiterated the Government's decisions according to the development of a modern national system of health that will provide the population with good qualified medical services. The chief of the Government, mentioned about the importance of the good quality of the medical services. Also, he said Moldova can borrow some good strategies from Israel. The prime minister also referred to the cooperation between those two countries in the plan from 2014-2018, that was signed between the countries. The documents provides the exchange in such spheres as: experience exchange, medical funding, hospital management, cooperation within the reforms implementation.

At his turn, Yakov Litzman pronounced for the development of the partnership in the medical sphere, to obtain new performances in the health systems and the raise of the qualified specialists.


The officials also emphasized the cooperation in the educational sphere. They specified the State University ''Nicolae Testimiteanu'' is the second in the Top universities that prepare students from Israel. Between 2000 and 2017, over 1 100 students from Israel graduated this university.

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