Irregularities registered at border crossing points during last week

In the last week, the Border Police employees have registered many illegalities done by both Moldovan citizens and foreigners.

At the “Green customs” and in border crossing points, the Border Police have registered 98 persons who have violated the customs and migration law of Moldova:

  • Three persons have trespassed the border;
  • 43 persons have violated the regime of the country border and crossing points;
  • 10 persons have showed fake and counterfeit documents;
  • 29 foreigners have overpassed the period of stay in Moldova;
  • Seven persons were investigated for the breach of road traffic regulation.

At the same time, 13 foreign citizens and 39 means of transport have been denied of entry in Moldova.

Nine Moldovan citizens did not have entry access in Russia, and other 15 in European Union.

Three Moldovan citizens were deported from Russia, and seven from European Union.

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