Irish abortion referendum: Official results show 'REPEAL' majority

The first official constituency result is in, from Galway East:

The Liberal Democrat leader, Vince Cable, has told the BBC that “action will now have to be taken” over Northern Ireland, set to be the only part of the UK and Ireland where abortions are outlawed bar exceptional circumstances:

I believe in the principle of the right to choose - I think in the rest of the UK we have a sensible balance. The position in Northern Ireland is now highly anomalous and I think, probably, action will now have to be taken.

Since there is, effectively, direct rule from Westminster, the government has responsibility and it can and should take the opportunity to deal with this issue properly.


The official turnout has been given as 62.2%, an increase of 2% over Ireland’s referendum on same-sex marriage:

Cork-North Central is in: 64.02% for yes, 35.98% for no, informs The Guardian

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