IPHONE 11 PRO has a mysterious "U1" chip, APPLE says

Apple's newest iPhone has a mysterious "U1" chip inside of it – and nobody is really clear what it does.

The company unveiled its new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro this week, revealing an array of camera upgrades and colour changes as well as vastly increased battery life and performance.

But there was one change it mentioned slightly less, and which remains low-key. The new phone includes a chip referred to as "U1", and which it says is used for sensing things in space.

For now, it is only being used for a new feature that uses Apple's AirDrop technology, and allows people to point their phones towards another device and send files between the two. The chip can be used to precisely locate other devices, Apple said, meaning it can know exactly where it is pointing, writes The Independent

But it is clear that the chip is really meant for a variety of other features, too. What is less clear is what exactly those features are.

The Apple website does provide some information about the new chip. Somewhat ironically, it appears under a heading indicating that it will allow the phone to be more "precise".


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