Ion Chicu, new Minister of Finances took the oath

The new minister of Finances, Ion Chicu took the oath.

"I swear to make dedicate myself to this field, to obey the Constitution and the laws of the country, to defend the democracy, the human rights, the independence, the unity, sovereignty of Moldova."

Ion Chicu was nominated by Pavel Filip and supported by PDM. The minister of finances office is available since Octavian Armasu was named as the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova. Ion Chicu said he will continue the fiscal reform and the salaries' reform.

"The Ministry of Finances is getting involved in business improvement politics. This is how we will continue to raise the economy of the country", said Ion Chicu, the Minister of Finances.

Ion Chicu is the second minister proposed by Pavel Filip. The first was Victoria Iftodi. Before, Igor Dodon refused to name eight ministers and two vice ministers.

"I signed this decree, because I am sure that Mr.Chicu is a professional in this field", said Igor Dodon, the President of the country. 

Pavel Filip prime minister is sure that the new minister of Finances will face all the challenges.

"As for me, it was not that hard to nominate Mr.Chicu. He is one of the best in this field. From now on he will have more responsibilities", said Pavel Filip, the prime minister of the country.

Ion Chicu is 46 years old. Starting this year, he was general state secretary within the ministry of Finances. In 2009, he was adviser of the Ministry of Finances and the World Bank. Ion Chicu had studied economic management. He started his career at the Government in 2005 when he was named as a chief director within the Ministry of Economy.

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