Ion Ceban's reaction after being accused of relative favoritism

The former PSRM within CMC president and the actual Deputy President of the Parliament Ion Ceban, denies promoting his relatives into City Hall key-positions, before the local elections.

Also, Ceban mentioned that Tatiana Bucearschi was named as the Head of the Social and Health Assistance Direction, based on a contest.

The reaction comes after Ilian Casu wrote on Facebook that Tatiana Bucearschi, who is the godmother of Ion Ceban's sister, was promoted as the Head of Social and Health Assistance Direction.

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Previously, this institution was Headed by Ion Ceban's mother, Eugenia Ceban, which now is a municipal counselor of PSRM.

Enen though recently, Maia Sandu recognized that the relative favoritism is damaging the country's development, seems that not all the deputies of Kozak Alliance are counting in the Prime Minister's opinion, whereas getting into power, they started promoting their relatives.

Previously, even Maia Sandu's subordinate, the Internal Minister Andrei Nastase, promoted his godson, Gheorghe Balan, into Head of General Police Inspectorate (IGP). However, after the journalists published this fact, was announced a contest for this function. From the six candidates of this contest, none of them passed the interview's probe and IGP announced a repeated contest.

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