Investments worth 300 million Euro in Moldova. First Kaufland store will be opened in Botanica sector

An important German company will invest 300 million Euro to open jobs in Moldova. Thus, 20 supermarkets will be opened in many localities from the country and a half of the products on the shelves will be national. The sample of the first store was presented on the building site. Pavel Filip also held this event.

The first store will be opened din Botanica sector of the Capital. Over 100 jobs will be opened there and the majority are already covered. According to the representatives of the stores network from Moldova, Romania and Czech Republic, the investments are possible due to the support of the Government.

"We can learn many things from the Moldovan citizens, as honesty, hospitality, courtesy and so on. Also, the investing climate is good here", said Marco Hobi, general director of the network from Moldova, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Pavel Filip welcomed the foreign support:"The reform of the Government is a message for the state's investors to reduce the bureaucracy."

The measures taken by the Government to improve the investment climate from Moldova have been appreciated by the Germany Ambassador in Chisinau.

"The investment opportunities are very good for us. We appreciate that the Republic of Moldova's Government made everything possible to attract investments in Moldova", declared Angela Ganninger, the Germany Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

According to the company's members, the salaries will be higher than 7.500 lei. 

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