INVESTIGATION. NACC officers conduct searches in case of parking lots

(UPDATE 18:45) Seven people have been detained by the NACC officers and prosecutors in the corruption case of paid parking facilities in the capital.

The deputy mayor of Chisinau, the head of the Transport Department, a former municipal councilor, the managers of three parking companies, and a businessman have been arrested in order further investigate the case.

(15:45)  A businessman, suspected of participating in the tender for parking facilities, has been detained by NACC officers and prosecutors. The searches continue.

(14:15) Ghenadie Ivascenco has been detained by NACC officers and anti-corruption prosecutors.

(12:50) The Deputy mayor of Chisinau, has been escorted to NACC headquarters. The official is suspected of having exceeded his service duties in the cases of paid parking and has been detained for 72 hours. 

(12:15) The head of the Public Transport and Communication Directorate has been detained by NACC officers.

(12:00) Right now, NACC officers and anti-corruption prosecutors are conducting searches at the of the Public Transport and Communications Department.

(11:00) The managers of three parking companies have been detained for 72 hours. Searches continue.

The National Anti-corruption officers and Anticorruption Prosecutors have conducted searches in the house of the Deputy Mayor of Chisinau, Nistor Grozavu. The searches took place at the house of the head of the Transport Department, Igor Gamretki.

NACC officers are also conducting searches at the headquarters of the City Hall, where Dorin Chirtoaca heads an extraordinary meeting of the Municipal Council.

"We have nothing against any investigation on any activity of the City Hall. But, I still don't understand why it happens so long after the case has been opened. This case has been opened years ago. And the searches happen now, after the natural disasters. It can lead to the demotivation of my colleagues in the liquidation of the natural disaster consequences. There is no evidence presented till now, it's not fair to accuses anybody" , said the City Hall mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca. 

According to the press officer of the National Anticorruption Center, Angela Starinschi, the operation takes place within the framework of the paid parking case. The case covers both employees of the City Hall and businessmen.

At the end of 2015, the City Hall has signed a contract with an Austrian company for the provision of paid parking facilities in Chisinau.

Recently, the National Anti-corruption Center has opened a criminal case on exceeded attributions when signing the contract. The company's management claimed that the agreement was perfectly legal.

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