Interview with Elaine Marshall, North Carolina state secretary: Foreign investors are not interested in countries facing political instability

The foreign investors are not interested in a country that doesn't have a Government. Also, the deferral of creating a government majority stops the evolution of the economic and social fields. This opinion belongs to Elaine Marshall, state secretary from North Carolina.

-How do you characterize the partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the North Carolina?

-I am glad to visit Moldova again. This is my 11th visit in the past 20 years. I would describe our partnership the same as Kirby and Hogan ambassadors described it, one of the most useful partnership of the USA abroad. We are proud that the North Caroline gained your trust over these years. This partnership is both useful for Moldova and the North Caroline, for all the citizens who are involved in it.

-How do you think, what fields should Moldova stress when talking with the North Carolina? Or, what fields should the USA stress when talking with Moldovan partners? 

-The USA benefits of great projects in education. Our teachers and students are involved in exchange programs. This is useful for the both countries. It is very important that we have many fields where we gathered our efforts and now these unite us.

-You mentioned that you have visited Moldova many times over the past 20 years. How would you appreciate the changes that occurred in the past years? 

-The business field doesn't accept political instability. The business is against uncertainty. Moldova faces a big level of uncertainty, because the politicians can't make a compromise and form a Government. I think that the parties should gather their efforts and make a decision for the future of the country. As far as I know, the snap election are not accepted by the citizens. I wish Moldova succeed. The foreign investors don't like the instability and the Government should be aware of this thing. If the authorities want to stop the human capital fight, they must prove that the young have a future in their country.

-As a journalist, I noticed an improve of the dialogue between the USA and Moldova. I call it a political improve. Andrian Candu speaker and Pavel Filip prime minister visited the USA many times in a row. Also, the Republic of Moldova Ambassador in the USA, Cristina Balan is very active. What future do you see for this?

-As long as the Moldovan officials will cooperate with the American ones, the image of the country will be brighter on the international field. Recently, Crisina Balan paid a visit to the North Carolina and thanked us for the support and the partnership. I want to tell you that she impressed the Capitol Hill audience. She is the first Ambassador woman who appeared on the cover of a Washington newspaper. Thus, everybody knows about Moldova due to her efforts.

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