International runners join Moldovan underground 10km race in wine cellar

350 runners from over the world have taken part in an underground 10km race in the Milestii Mici wine cellar in Moldova. The event took place in a festive atmosphere.

The international participants were impressed and amazed at the competition. 

"We wanted to experience something new. I have long wanted to visit a winery in Moldova, and this is a perfect chance. We like Moldovan wines."

"This great event shows that Moldovans enjoy their life and want to practice sports". 

Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniţă also joined the race to promote this healthy life.

"It's important for us to promote this sports event. Obviously I'm still an amateur. I hope to run a few km in these absolutely fabulous locations," said Ambassador Daniel Ioniţă.

Moldovan athletes win both the race for men and women. 

"The race was easier last year but I proved I could do more than I thought I could", said the winner Andrei Bogaci.

"We had many requests to participate in this event but the number of participants is limited. We still have a waiting list. The foreign runners are really interested in this competition", said organizer Valentina Botnari.

The Milestii Mici wine cellar is reported to be the largest cellar in the world, and in 2005 the winery entered the Guinness World Records for storing the largest number of bottles of wine in one place. It currently holds around 2 million bottles.




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