International Monetary Fund allocates Moldova new tranche of 46.1 million dollars

A new tranche worth $46.1M from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has entered the account of the Finance Ministry and National Bank of Moldova. About $27.5M of this sum was for backing the state budget of Moldova. 

The first payment, amounting to $30.7M, was made on 24 September 2019, of which $18.4M (Extended Fund Facility) is aimed to support the state budget of Moldova.

The rest of the sum, $15.4M, was allocated on 30 September. About $9.1M of this sum (Extended Credit Facility) is to back the state budget of Moldova.

The IMF executive board on 20 September finished the 4th and 5th evaluations of the Programme with Moldova, through the Extended Credit Facility and Extended Fund Facility. Thus, Moldova got access to 33.6 million Special Drawing Rights (SDR), which is the equivalent of $46.1M.   

The ECF/EFF Programme, worth 129.4 million SDR in all, (about $178.7M or 75 of Moldova’s quota at IMF) was approved on 7 November 2016. The goal of the financing provided by the Fund is to support the programme of economic and financial reforms promoted by the authorities.  

Financial means worth $91.4M, aimed to back the state budget, have been earmarked so far.




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